Franke’s Sweet Corn is currently looking to hire help running stands.
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Job Application 2023

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Pay is $60 per day and you get paid at the end of the season. See below.

The season is dependent on when the corn is ready to sell. We plant the corn to have i ready for the 4th of Juyly. However, every spring is different and sometimes the corn is ready by the 4th and sometimes it is not. We also try to plant enough corn to last until the start of school Again, this is a fresh, field to market product so at any time the selling could be interrupted by weather and there might be days where there is no corn to sell or the crop could be completely wiped out by a storm.

If hired, I let people know how close we are to selling time as the corp matures sot hey can get themselves ready. You will need to provide your own lunch and enough to drink to last all day. I suggest water, but you can bring any non-alcoholic drink you want. We do have canopies that provide shade for the produce as well as the seller, but it is possible to still get sunburned, so sunscreen is not a bad idea, it is your choice. 

"In this employment you will not be covered by the Nebraska Workers Compensation Act and you will not be compensated under the act if you are injured on the job or suffer an occupational disease. You should plan accordingly."

I understand that by signing (submitting) below: 

  1. I am not covered by the workers' compensation Act and
  2.  I receive $60.00 per day wages and that I do not get my paycheck until the end of the corn season which may or may not coincide with when I stop working. In other words, if you quit or are let go you will still receive your paycheck when everyone else does. (To give you a rough idea of our season-we try to go to Labor Day Weekend.)


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