The Great Grain Robbery

Whole Grain Nutrition

Want to know what your family is being “shorted” by eating food made with “white flour”?  The first of the six vials in this set contain whole grain wheat kernels, recognized throughout  history as the “staff of life.” At the opposite end is enriched bleached white flour … as gleaming and nutritionless as industrial science can make it.

The four middle vials showcase the nutritional riches that today’s commercial millers sacrifice on the altar of unlimited shelf life and the almighty dollar. The bran, middlings, wheat germ, and wheat germ oil, where virtually all the goodness of the whole grain resides have all been removed.  None of that goodness remains in enriched, bleached white flour or degermed corn flour- but you can have it all when you serve your family  Franke’s Hillside Farm cornmeal products made with certified whole grain organic ingredients. 

The goal at is to produce the finest tasting Gluten Free, Non-GMO, organic whole grain products available in the marketplace. Now you can enjoy Franke’s Hillside Farm Premium Popcorn products all year long by serving your family products from Franke’s Hillside Farm, made with certified whole grain organic ingredients.  Grown on our family farm in Nebraska, from all natural certified organic premium popcorn & stoneground.

Ironically, livestock producers feed higher quality grains to their cows, pigs, and chickens than what commercial millers produce for humans. Both start with ordinary yellow field corn, but commercial millers remove the ingredients contained within the four middle vials (shown in the image above) allowing them to store their product forever.  Enriched, bleached white flour and degermed corn flour are the result. Livestock producers on the other hand, know that raising healthy animals requires feeding the whole grain kernel, so they leave the ingredients contained within the four middle vials intact. It ought to make us consumers down right angry to know that cows, pigs, and chickens eat corn that is more nutritious than what commercial millers expect their customers to eat.

However, Franke’s Hillside Farm Gluten Free Non-GMO products are not made with ordinary yellow field corn that is intended for livestock.  Instead, Franke’s Hillside Farm products are made from whole grain kernels of Premium Popcorn that has been dried and milled, or whole grain sorghum kernels.  The nutritional facts on our label tell the story how we far surpass any of our competitors. You will find that you do not have to supplement other ingredients such as cream or sugar to our packaged mixes like the commercial millers suggest you to add to theirs. Since Franke’s Hillside Farm mixes have only 2 main ingredients and all you have to add is milk and eggs,  your family will enjoy gourmet eating at its finest, with the most nutritious  cornmeal mixes in the market place.  Franke’s Hillside Farm Gluten Free whole grain Non-GMO products are best if refrigerated.

Gluten Free Whole Grain Non-GMO Premium Popcorn

Cornbread & Muffin Mix

Gluten Free Non-GMO.  Made with certified whole grain organic ingredients.

Cornmeal Pancake and Waffle Mix

Gluten Free Non-GMO.  Made with certified whole grain organic ingredients.

Premium Popcorn Cornmeal

Gluten Free Non-GMO.  Made with certified whole grain organic ingredients.

Whole Grain Premium Popcorn

Organic popcorn that pops into a tasty gluten free snack.

Whole Grain Premium Sorghum

Organic sorghum in a 32 oz. resealable bag.

Franke’s Hillside Farm Gluten Free whole grain NON-GMO Premium Popcorn products include:

Other Gluten Free whole grain NON-GMO products include: